Meat our team.

The most exciting aspect of this team is our passion for a sustainable future. Technology and it's potential for positive impact is what we advocate & incorporate in our professional lives.

The Challenge is The Opportunity!




Marketing & PR


We are always looking for the right tools, we believe in the 4th revolution and the knowledge economy. What are the opportunities awaiting? What can the borderless economy signify for our community's? How can we participate in the data economy, the worlds most valuable resource? We have some idea's and we are here to share, communicate, showcase and learn.


Collaboration is our main pillar. The right partnerships/stakeholders help us with being efficient and we recognize that our region's experts and professionals have an important vantage point regarding strategising moving towards the 21st Century. 


We strive to create scalable and feasible projects that have positive impact or impacts in our region. We always say Aruba comes first, but we also are convinced that successes achieved on our island can be duplicated and redistributed in the Caribbean. We mainly focus creating an ecosystem that will serve as a framework of collaboration for developing projects with 99% potential for success.

Marketing & PR

We are here to inspire and have allocated enough resources to continue to communicate, educate and promote the sustainable activities is the energy, science and digital IQ space. With 2 media studio's, one for audio/video production and another for video casting we plan to have a consistent stream of content to share with the world.